Steps to find a Solution to your Problems

Steps to find a Solution to your Problems | Spiritual Wear


1.Clear your mind of thoughts and emotions and therefore stay present as impersonal awareness. 
2. Create some witnessing space and distance to the perceived problem by being non-judgmental. This will help you to have an objective standpoint.


3. Be the observer and simply observe, disidentify yourself with the problem and the mind activities being played out. In particular this means cut off any emotional reaction, judgment or personal bias. Lose any association to what you are perceiving as the problem. The goal is to become a silent, unmoved observer to the whole thinking process. 

4.From this presence in the clear state of neutrality, your mind will be able to emerge a creative solution.

“Always bring your attention back into this Present Moment without attaching or over-identification with your ceaseless mind activities (rooted in the past or future.”  

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