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Amethyst Crystal Water Bottle

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Gems are supposed to give water back its natural vitality. With our water bottles you can create your own gemwater and bring it anywhere with you. The removable natural-quartz crystal is not only a great eye-catcher, it also symbolizes clarity and energy and is being admired as a "Master-Healer" Stone and booster for wellbeing.

What Are The Benefits of Amethyst Stones ? 

Our Crystal Water Bottle is infused with a healing amethyst crystal. You can profit from these spiritual healing effects of this precious crystal : 

 - Amethyst is extremely powerful and protective crystal, embedded with high spiritual vibration.

- The Stone safeguard against psychic attacks, evil spirits and dispel negative thoughts from the mind.

- The human body is made up of seven chakras and Amethyst crystal is the gateway to all chakras of the body . It unblocks the Crown chakra for the serenity of mind.

- The crystal provides the clarity of vision, so that you can jump onto a right decision every time.

- It facilitates the decision making process, bringing in common sense and spiritual insights.

· It opens the intuition and enhances the psychic gifts.


Main Functions : 

  • Glass bottle with stainless steel cap and crystal quartz
  • Volume : 530 ml; Weight : around 450 g
  • The gemstone module is screwed in the bottle and can be removed for cleaning 
  • Crystal Quartz is a natural product, therefore it can differ slightly in color and size
  • Made in USA

Customer Reviews

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Well packed, 100% real crystals and good quality.


I bought 2 crystal bottle and one crystal was broken but the other ametyst is perfect. After a short message to the support, they immediately sent me a new one.I really like the product and the crystals are 100 % real. I really recommend it . <3


Absolutely love these! Amazing quality. The crystals are beautiful. Thank you.