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Rose Crystal Water Bottle

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Gems are supposed to give water back its natural vitality. With our water bottles you can create your own gemwater and bring it anywhere with you. The removable natural-quartz crystal is not only a great eye-catcher, it also symbolizes clarity and energy and is being admired as a "Master-Healer" Stone and booster for wellbeing.

Our Crystal Water Bottle is infused with a powerful healing Rose Crystal Quartz. 

Healing energies of a Rose Crystal Quartz

  • Rose Quartz stones helps enhance love of all kinds, including kindness for yourself, people your love, and all living things
  • Its high frequencies will help you forgive and understand other people better by having a more positive perspective
  • Rose Quartz can help you replace  negative feelings with pure thoughts of unconditional love
  • Rose Quartz can also soothe your emotions by bringing the heart chakra into balance 




Main functions

  • Glass bottle with stainless steel cap and crystal quartz
  • Volume : 530 ml; Weight : around 450 g
  • The gemstone module is screwed in the bottle and can be removed for cleaning 
  • Crystal Quartz is a natural product, therefore it can differ slightly in color and size
  • Made in USA

Customer Reviews

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The crystal was a bit too big for me, but overall I love it!


took about long to come but gorgeous bottle


Product arrived perfectly, beautifully packaged, very well protected and the product is great quality!!! Recommend certainly!


Lovely! Beautiful and arrived ahead of time. Gratitude